Jump in and take off

The Volocopter VC200 redefines the helicopter. Learning to pilot vertical takeoff and landing now requires fewer costly and time consuming flying lessons. Never before has flight been easier and more accessible.
>> video dynamic flight maneuvers

The Volocopter combines the joy of flying with the highest levels of safety. And not only that – thanks to its reduced mechanics it is low maintenance and extremely easy to operate. The pilot merely has to command direction via a joystick and the 2-seater, ultralight aircraft glides into the desired position. In this process our comprehensive redundancy concept ensures a level of safety that immediately compensates a failure of the drive units and forgives a large number of flying errors.

Moreover, we have already developed the prototypes of the VC200 with environmentally-friendly rechargeable battery technology.

Simple, safe, green - revolutionarily convincing.